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Bernardo Esquinca

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Bernardo Esquinca

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Full Name: Bernardo Esquinca
Born: Guadalajaram, Jalisco, Mexico
Occupation: Writer
Nationality: Mexican


Bernardo Esquinca is a Mexican writer inscribed in the theme of the so-called weird fiction or "fiction of the strange". His work mixes the genres of police, fantasy and horror. Iván Farías said that "Bernardo Esquinca is a daredevil, in a country where horror literature is scorned by critics, he has managed to win criticism and at the same time have a large group of loyal followers." For his part, Vicente Francisco Torres said that "The set of his books is a coherent work because his themes and obsessions reappear in a different light always: Eros and Thanatos, the dreams, the red note, the insects, the loving couple, the asylums, evil, scientific fiction, the resources of the police and terror story ".

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