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Jon R. Osborne

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Jon R. Osborne

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Full Name: Jon R. Osborne
Nationality: American


At thirteen years old, Jon Osborne discovered a passion for two things -- writing and telling stories. Instead of doing what a normal author-to-be would do and write stories, Jon wrote for his school newspaper and told stories through the medium of running role-playing games for his friends.

Journalism helped pay the way through college, and gaming garnered him lifelong friends. After college, journalism didn't pan out as a career, but Jon continued creating worlds and forging stories with his friends.

Fast forward almost thirty years; Jon is still a gamer who every now and then dabbles with writing. A long-time friend and fellow gamer who had found success as an author, Mark Wandrey, convinced Jon to submit a short story for an anthology. Jon's story was accepted, and it gave him the impetus to finish his first novel, A Reluctant Druid.

Living in Indianapolis, Jon still games, and continues to write.

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