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Graham McNeill

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Graham McNeill

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Full Name: Graham McNeill


Hailing from Scotland, Graham McNeill has a established a strong reputation as a fantasy and SF writer with such best-selling novels as Fulgrim, False Gods and The Ultramarines. His novel, A Thousand Sons, made The New York Times shortlist for fiction. Additionally, his novel, Empire, has been shortlisted for The David Gemmell Legend Award. Graham has written a host of sf and fantasy short stories. He lives in Nottingham, UK. Visit his website at

Works in the WWEnd Database

 The Horus Heresy Primarchs

 3. (2017)

 The Horus Heresy

 2. (2006)
 5. (2007)
 9. (2008)
 12. (2010)
 17. (2011)
 23. (2012)
 29. (2014)
 44. (2017)

 The Legend of Sigmar

 1. (2008)
 2. (2009)
 3. (2011)

 Warhammer: Elves

 1. (2005)
 2. (2007)
 3. (2011)

 Warhammer: The Ambassador

 1. (2003)
 2. (2004)

 Warhammer: Time of Legend: Legend of Sigmar

 0. (2012)


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