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Darrell Schweitzer

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Darrell Schweitzer

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Full Name: Darrell Charles Schweitzer
Born: August 27, 1952
Woodbury, New Jersey, USA
Occupation: Writer, Editor, Critic
Nationality: American


Darrell Charles Schweitzer is an American writer, editor, and critic in the field of speculative fiction. Much of his focus has been on dark fantasy and horror, although he does also work in science fiction and fantasy. Schweitzer is also a prolific writer of literary criticism and editor of collections of essays on various writers within his preferred genres.

Schweitzer attended Villanova University from 1970-1976, from which he received a B.S. in geography (1974) and an M.A. in English (1976). He started his literary career as a reviewer and columnist. He worked as an editorial assistant for Isaac Asimov's SF Magazine from 1977-1982 and Amazing Stories from 1982-1986, was co-editor with George H. Scithers and John Gregory Betancourt of Weird Tales from 1987-1990 and sole editor of the same magazine from 1991-1994 and its successor, Worlds of Fantasy & Horror, from 1994-1996. From 1998-2007 he was again co-editor of the revived Weird Tales, first with Scithers and then with Scithers and Betancourt. He has also been a part-time literary agent for the Owlswick Agency in Philadelphia. and a World Fantasy Award judge. He is a member of Science Fiction Writers of America and Horror Writers of America. He lives and works in the Philadelphia area.

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