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Terence Taylor

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Terence Taylor

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Full Name: Terence Taylor
Born: August 17, 1954
Jamaica, New York, USA
Nationality: USA


Terence Taylor ( is an award-winning children's television writer whose work has appeared on PBS, Nickelodeon, and Disney, among many others. As an author of fiction, his first published short story, "Plaything," appeared in Dark Dreams, the first horror/suspense anthology of African-American authors. He was one of a handful of authors to be included in the next two volumes, with The Share in Voices from the Other Side and "WET PAIN" in Whispers in the Night. Terence is also author of the first two novels of his Vampire Testaments trilogy, Bite Marks, and Blood Pressure. After a two-year hiatus he has returned to the conclusion, Past Life. Find him on Twitter @vamptestaments.

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