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Hanuš Seiner

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Hanuš Seiner

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Full Name: Hanus Seiner
Born: Pardubice, Czechoslovakia
Nationality: Czech


Hanuš Seiner is a Czech scientist and writer of SF short stories. He holds a PhD degree inapplied physics and is currently employed as an associate professor at the Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague. His research interests cover mainly mechanics of microstructures in advanced materials and laser-ultrasound experimental methods. Hanuš is married, has two kids, and lives in Pardubice,Czech Republic. Up to now, he has published more than 10 short stories, mostly combining elements of hard SF and space opera subgenres. His short storiesappeared in Czech and Slovak SF magazines (Ikarie, XB-1, Jupiter) and inanthologies ("Mlok" book series, "Terra Nullius"). The titular story "TerraNullius" by Hanuš is upcoming in Strange Horizons.

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