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Jérôme Cigut

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Jérôme Cigut

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Full Name: Jérôme Cigut
Nationality: French


I have been telling stories since I started to talk, and writing them down since I learned the letters, but it's only recently that I've stopped being so serious that I wouldn't show them to anyone. In 2010, I won New Scientist's Flash Fiction competition with Atomic Dreams, an alternate history about Nikola Tesla.

I was born in France but half of my family originally comes from Central Europe. I write in English and French, and I can occasionally understand Russian and Mandarin. After a few spells in Dublin, New York and London, I've been living in Hong Kong since 2012.

I like all genres, with a slight preference for Science-Fiction, Noir, Fantasy and Horror -- but stories and style are far more important to me than simply genre. Literary idols at the moment: Thomas Pynchon, Boris Akunin, Mikhail Bulgakov, James Ellroy, Neil Gaiman, Antoine Galland, Michel Houellebecq, Marcel Proust and Leo Tolstoy. I also wouldn't mind being reincarnated as Groucho Marx (my brother has first dibs on Harpo).

Current centers of interest: economics (one of my majors in university), psychology and history; and hard sciences like physics, IT and biology.

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