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Sarah Totton

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Sarah Totton

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Full Name: Sarah Totton
Occupation: veterinarian, author


About me? There's not much to tell. I haven't climbed Everest or ridden an ostrich or eaten haggis, and I tend to have adventures on the page instead of in real life.

I'm a licensed veterinarian (graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in 2003) and a recovering wildlife biologist. In 2009 I completed my doctorate in Epidemiology (studying the health of stray dogs in a spay/neuter/rabies control program in India).

I've been writing short stories professionally since 2001 (details in my bibliography), and my debut collection (Animythical Tales) was published by Fantastic Books in 2010. I entered the Writers of the Future Contest 17 times before I finally took home a prize. I'm not very good at quitting.

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