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The Quest for Cush

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The Quest for Cush

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Author: Charles R. Saunders
Publisher: Night Shade Books, 2007
DAW Books, 1984
Series: Imaro: Book 2

1. Imaro
2. The Quest for Cush
3. The Trail of Bohu

Book Type: Novel
Genre: Fantasy
Sub-Genre Tags: Sword and Sorcery
Heroic Fantasy
Mythic Fiction (Fantasy)
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It begins with the reunion of Imaro and his kidnapped lover Tanisha, who has been taken to the ruined City of Madness. With the help of their new found friend Pomphis, a Pygmay from the eastern forests of Nyumbani, they learn of the sorcerous forces that may have been behind the dark wizard that destroyed Imaro's youth. The trio goes to Mavindi, the port capital of the Eastern Coastal kingdom of Azania, in search of the legendary Kingdom of Cush, where Imaro hopes to find answers to the questions that have plagued his life. Who is he? Who was his father, and why was he seemingly cursed, and hounded from birth by forces beyond his control.


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The Quest for Cush

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