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Author: Zohra Greenhalgh
Publisher: Ace Books, 1989
Series: Contrarywise: Book 1

1. Contrarywise
2. Trickster's Touch

Book Type: Novel
Genre: Fantasy
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His name means mischief... Rimble, the Trickster, is a merry god - dancing through streets as a gust of leaves, hobbling along canals as an old hag, roaming through gardens as a wiry dog. And where Rimble travels, trouble follows. Trouble of a most peculiar nature. One has to be sanely mad in order to see its method. The residents of Speakinghast, unfortunately, are blind to Rimble's ways. From the Jinnjirri, whose hair changes color to match their moods (and whose gender fluctuates almost as often), to the Tammirring, who listen to the winds of the universe and translate its sigh - not one can see the significance of the Trickster's game. And see it they must, for now his odd pranks are becoming quite dangerous. And definitely deadly...


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