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Tiger River

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Tiger River

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Author: Arthur O. Friel
Publisher: Wildside Press, 2007
Centaur Press, 1971
Harper & Brothers, 1923
Series: Time-Lost: Book 6
Book Type: Novel
Genre: Fantasy
Sub-Genre Tags: Historical Fantasy
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TIGER RIVER is one of the great, timeless classics of fantastic adventure fiction, a novel that fairly reeks with swashbuckling action.

A fabulous gold horde and the lure of heroic adventure are the magnets that lead a small band of Americans and a Peruvian outlaw to the tangled jungles of South America, and to the dark and mysterious Tigre Yacu, "the River of Missing Men." Here are white Indians, uncanny green men, and ruthless savages who haunt every foot of this strange and unknown land...


At the edge of the jungle a rifle roared. High up among the branches of a tall buttress-rooted tree--more than a hundred feet above the soggy ground--a big, red, bearded monkey lurched out into space. Headlong he fell. A swift rip of breaking underbrush, a dull thump, and he lay lifeless on the earth.

At the base of another tree a man quietly levered a fresh cartridge into his gun barrel. For a few seconds he stood motionless, weapon up, eyes sweeping the surrounding tree butts and bush clumps. Then he let the rifle sink and, velvet-footed, stepped forward.

"So, Señor Cotomono," he said softly, "you will make your hideous howling, eh, to tell all the world that I am here? You will yell to the tigres of this Tiger Water to come and tear José Martinez, yes? Too late you learn that it does not pay to make too much noise with the mouth."

A sardonic smile played under his fierce black mustache. Even as the words slipped from his tongue his gaze lifted from the motionless animal and once more plumbed the vistas about him. Tall, sinewy, hawk-nosed, bold-eyed, red-kerchiefed, belted with a long machete, alert and wary as the great hunting-cat he had just mentioned--he looked a buccaneer chieftain marooned in a tropic wilderness, poised to fight man, beast, or demon...

Copyright © 1923 by Arthur O. Friel


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