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Empire State
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Empire State

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Author: Adam Christopher
Publisher: Angry Robot Books, 2012
Series: Empire State : Book 1

1. Empire State
2. The Age Atomic

Genres: Science-Fiction
Sub-Genre Tags: Alternate/Parallel Universe
Alternate History (SF)
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THE EMPIRE STATE IS THE OTHER NEW YORK. A parallel-universe, Prohibition-era world of mooks and shamuses that is the twisted magic mirror to our bustling Big Apple, a place where sinister characters lurk around every corner while the great superheroes that once kept the streets safe have fallen into dysfunctional rivalries and feuds. Not that its colourful residents know anything about the real New York… until detective Rad Bradley makes a discovery that will change the lives of all its inhabitants.

Playing on the classic Gotham conventions of the Batman comics and HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, debut author Adam Christopher has spun this smart and fast-paced superhero-noir adventure, the sort of souped-up thrill ride that will excite genre fans and general readers alike.


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Empire State

- jwylie


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