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Across the Face of the World

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Across the Face of the World

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Author: Russell Kirkpatrick
Publisher: Orbit, 2008
Series: Fire of Heaven Trilogy: Book 1

1. Across the Face of the World
2. In the Earth Abides the Flame
3. The Right Hand of God

Book Type: Novel
Genre: Fantasy
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From a tiny snowbound village, five men and women are about to embark on a journey that will change their lives -and the destiny of their world.

For two thousand years, since he was cast out from Dona Mihst, the fabled Undying Man has been plotting his revenge on the Most High. The Destroyer's plans of vengeance are nearing fruition-and he will allow nothing to stand in his way. But one man has escaped from the Destroyer's prison, and even though the Lords of Fear ride in pursuit, he will bring word to his people. It will be up to his sons, Hal and Leith, together with a small group of villagers, to warn their world of the coming war.


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Across the Face of the World

- francesashton


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