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Ladies' Night

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Ladies' Night

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Author: Jack Ketchum
Publisher: Darkside Press, 1997

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Book Type: Novel
Genre: Horror
Sub-Genre Tags: Man-Made Horrors
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New York City. A Hot summer evening.

A tanker on an unscheduled run lies like a huge cracked egg in the middle of Broadway, its unidentified spill spread wide across the street.

Its smell is cloyingly sweet. And it's everywhere

Night now, and Tom Braun is sitting in his neighborhood bar.

His wife and his boy are at home in their apartment just a few blocks away.

He's had yet another fight with her and is looking to steady his nerves and drown his sorrows and maybe-- if he's lucky--snaga little something on the side. It's happened before.

Earlier he'd witnesses a girl go suddenly and violently berserk at a rooftop party in his highrise apartment building. He assumed it was nothing but a bizarre isolated incident.

But the women in the bar are very strange tonight.


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Ladies' Night

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