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Bretta Martyn

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Bretta Martyn

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Author: L. Neil Smith
Publisher: Tor, 1997
Series: Henry Martyn: Book 2

1. Henry Martyn
2. Bretta Martyn

Book Type: Novel
Genre: Science-Fiction
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Bretta Martyn concerns itself chiefly with the exploits of young Robretta Islay, eldest daughter to Arran Islay, Hereditary Drector of Skye - infamous throughout the Known Deep as the ship-robber "Henry Martyn" - and of Loreanna Daimler-Wilkinson Islay, late of the Monopolity of Hanover, his notorious "bride of war".

Peremptorily summoned to the political center of the universe by a new CEO of Hanover, Arran and his old comrade Phoebus Krumm are commanded to put an end to the vile "manufacture" and trade in Oplyte Warrior-Slaves, in which innocent humans are abducted and hideously transformed into short-lived, mindless killing machines.

Arran is given little choice but to take his wife and daughter with him into danger and it is here, after she is brutalized and separated from her family, that Bretta's own adventure begins, an adventure that will take her into the corrupt heart of an evil empire, toward a young woman's first stirrings of romance, and ultimately to the lost and ancient homeworld of humanity.

Bretta, Henry Martyn's daughter, is ejected from her spaceship and left for dead by her father's enemies, but the resourceful Bretta makes her way to a world of escaped slaves, where she vows revenge.

This book was nominated for the Prometheus Award.


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