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Key Out Of Time

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Key Out Of Time

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Author: Andre Norton
Publisher: World Publishing Company, 1963
Series: Time Traders: Book 4
Book Type: Novel
Genre: Science-Fiction
Sub-Genre Tags: Alien Invasion
Time Travel
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(8 reads / 3 ratings)


In the present day, Time Agents Ross and Gordon come with settlers to the water-dominated planet, Hawaika, to search remains of the alien Baldies from the distant past. Local intelligent dolphins assist them. While investigating, a time gate fails, destroying itself and stranding them widely in the unknown past.

The native dolphins and humans can communicate, and Ross learns Gordon is hostage in a castle through a native, Loketh. Ross and Loketh are captured by seafaring Rovers, then join them. They recover a Rover island captured by the Baldies. Ross convinces a coalition of natives the Baldies are playing them against one another. Ross finds Ashe at last, in a castle the company of the mystic and advanced Foanna, who turn out to be only three, the last of their race. The Foanna set a trap for the Baldies, using their assets as bait, but they cannot win against the whole force without increasing their numbers. Ross and Ashe agree to a process mentally joining them with the Foanna. A second encounter with the Baldies, they win. In a final encounter, Ross is teleported to a Baldy ship like the one familiar to him from Galactic Derelict, and sets its course to a random destination. The main Baldy installation is simultaneously attacked and the Baldies driven off the planet.


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Key Out Of Time

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