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Olympian Nights

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Olympian Nights

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Author: John Kendrick Bangs
Publisher: Greenhill Books, 1986
Harper & Brothers, 1902
Series: Greenhill Science Fiction Series: Book 3
Book Type: Collection
Genre: Fantasy
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An American traveler of the twentieth century finds himself stranded in Greece, robbed and alone, and takes sanctuary in a cave... that proves to be the entrance to the home of the gods. As the gods' guest, he learns just what the immortal divinities are up to in modern times, with hilarious results. Bangs portrays the gods going about their duties and personal affairs in the terms of American high society, with all the elegance, archness, wit, jealousy, and pettiness of the idle rich. Mythic grandeur and modern wit prove a perfect fit in this sharp satire.



While travelling through the classic realms of Greece some years ago, sincerely desirous of discovering the lurking-place of a certain war which the newspapers of my own country were describing with some vividness, I chanced upon the base of the far-famed Mount Olympus. Night was coming on apace and I was tired, having been led during the day upon a wild-goose chase by my guide, who had assured me that he had definitely located the scene of hostilities between the Greeks and the Turks. He had promised that for a consideration I should witness a conflict between the contending armies which in its sanguinary aspects should surpass anything the world had yet known. Whether or not it so happened that the armies had been booked for a public exhibition elsewhere, unknown to the talented bandit who was acting as my courier, I am not aware, but, as the event transpired, the search was futile, and another day was wasted.

Copyright © 1902 by John Kendrick Bangs


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