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The Angle Between Two Walls:  The Fiction of J. G. Ballard

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The Angle Between Two Walls: The Fiction of J. G. Ballard

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Author: Roger Luckhurst
Publisher: Liverpool University Press, 1997
Series: Liverpool SF Studies: Book 11

1. Olaf Stapledon: Speaking for the Future
2. Anticipations
3. Utopian and Science Fiction by Women
4. The Detached Retina
5. Charlotte Perkins Gilman
6. Shadows of the Future
7. Tales of the Next Great War, 1871-1914
9. Female Rule in Chinese and English Literary Utopias
10. Look at the Evidence
11. The Angle Between Two Walls
12. The Great War with Germany, 1890-1914
13. View From Another Shore
14. Very Different Story
15. The Mechanics of Wonder
16. Deconstructing the Starships
17. Learning from Other Worlds
18. Demand My Writing
19. Narrating Utopia
20. Jules Verne
21. Speaking Science Fiction
22. Alien Plots
23. Ramsey Campbell and Modern Horror Fiction
24. The Time Machines
25. Communities of the Heart
26. Philip K Dick
27. A Dreamer and a Visionary
28. Rumors of War and Infernal Machines
29. Attending Daedalus
30. Transformations
31. The Country You Have Never Seen
32. Visions and Revisions
33. Shadows of the New Sun
34. Gateways To Forever
35. Science Fiction and Empire
36. H. G. Wells, Modernity and the Movies
37. Queer Universes
38. Plan for Chaos
39. Animal Alterity
40. Race, Ethnicity and Nuclear War
41. Gothic Science Fiction
42. Future Wars
43. Solar Flares
44. Locating Science Fiction
45. Singularities
46. Stanislaw Lem
47. The Liverpool Companion to World Science Fiction Film
48. Irish Science Fiction
49. Lemography
50. Surrealism, Science Fiction and Comics
51. Stanislaw Lem
52. Science Fiction Double Feature
53. Science Fiction Rebels
54. Hard Reading
55. Terraforming
56. Biopunk Dystopias
57. Excavating the Future
58. Sport and Monstrosity in Science Fiction
59. Sideways in Time
60. Dread Trident
61. Final Frontiers
62. Science Fiction and Psychology
63. Science Fiction and Climate Change
64. Biology and Manners
65. The Culture of "The Culture"
66. Futuristic Cars and Space Bicycles
67. Fighting for the Future
68. Space for Peace
69. After Human
70. Speculative Epistemologies
71. Shakespeare and Science Fiction
72. Apocalypse in Crisis
73. The Rise of the Cyberzines
74. Un-American Dreams
75. Mutopia
76. Reimagining Masculinity and Violence in 'Game of Thrones' and 'A Song of Ice and Fire'

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Does the Angle Between Two Walls have a Happy Ending?

J. G. Ballard has both been declared Britain's most important living novelist and dismissed as a marginal figure "beyond psychiatric help". He has earned praise and condemnation, written bestsellers and obscure avant-garde works, gained coveted prizes and prosecutions for obscenity. For forty years, his extraordinary work has moved between science fiction, apocalyptic visions, autobiography and fictions of the contemporary urban landscape. Prophet or pervert? How are we to judge his work?

In this book, Roger Luckhurst reads Ballard's fiction within a series of contexts, skillfully negotiating literary, philosophical and historical terrains in order to illustrate Ballard's central works. Luckhurst suggests that the extremity of the responses to texts such as The Atrocity Exhibition and Crash is a product of Ballard's occupation of an "impossible" space in the mechanisms that dictate literary judgements. At once science fiction and mainstream, popular and avant-garge, Ballard is seen as being in the 'angle between two walls". His fictions are awkward and provoking, it is suggested, in forcing us to confront the frameworks in which we come to judge the literary.


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