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Diamond Star

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Diamond Star

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Author: Catherine Asaro
Publisher: Tor, 2009
Series: The Saga of the Skolian Empire: Book 13
Book Type: Novel
Genre: Science-Fiction
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Del was a rock singer. He was also the renegade son of the Ruby Dynasty, which made his career choice less than respectable, and gave him more to worry about than getting gigs and not getting cheated by recording companies, club owners, or his agent. For one thing, the Ruby Dynasty ruled the Skolian Imperialate, an interstellar Empire, which had recently had a war with another empire, the Eubian Concord. For another, Del was singing on Earth, which was part of a third interstellar civilization, and one which had an uneasy relationship with the Imperialate.

Del undeniably had talent, and was rapidly rising from an unknown fringe artist to stardom. But, with his life entangled in the politics of three interstellar civilizations, whether he wanted that or not, talent might not be enough. And that factor might have much more effect than his music on the lives of trillions of people on the thousands of inhabited worlds across the galaxy.

Diamond Star was made into a rock opera in a collaboration between Asaro and the alternative rock band Point Valid. The rock opera's songs can be heard here, and are also available on audio CD and as mp3 downloads.

Diamond Star Track Listing

  1. Diamond Star
  2. Boxcar Madness
  3. Breathing Underwater
  4. Sapphire Clouds
  5. Rubies
  6. Etch-A-Sketch
  7. Carnelians
  8. Sound of Silence
  9. Starlight Child
  10. Emeralds
  11. No Answers, with In Paradisum
  12. Carnelians Finale
  13. Bonus track: Carnelians Finale instrumental


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