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The Last Weekend

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The Last Weekend

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Author: Nick Mamatas
Publisher: Night Shade Books, 2016
PS Publishing, 2014

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Book Type: Novel
Genre: Horror
Sub-Genre Tags: Post-Apocalyptic Horror
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Meet Vasilis Billy Kostopolos: Bay Area Rust Belt refugee, failed sci-fi writer, successful barfly and, since an exceptionally American zombie apocalypse, accomplished driller of reanimated corpses. Now that all the sane, well-adjusted human beings are hunted to extinction, he's found his vocation trepanning zombies, peddling his one and only published short story and drinking himself to death that is, until both his girlfriends turn out to be homicidal revolutionaries, he collides with a gang of Berkeley scientists gone berserker, the long-awaited Big One finally strikes San Francisco, and what s left of local government can no longer hide the awful secret lurking deep in the basement of City Hall. Can Bill unearth the truth about America s demise and San Francisco s survival and will he destroy what little s left of it in the process? Is he legend, the last man, or just another sucker on the vine? Nick Mamatas The Last Weekend takes a high-powered drill to the lurching, groaning conventions of zombie dystopias and conspiracy thrillers, sparing no cliché about tortured artists, alcoholic genius , noir action heroes, survivalist dogma, or starry-eyed California dreaming. Starting in booze-soaked but very clear-eyed cynicism and ending in gloriously uncozy catastrophe, this tale of a man and his city s last living days is merciless, uncomfortably perceptive, and bleakly hilarious.


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The Last Weekend or How I Wasted 14 Days of R...

- Badseedgirl


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