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Author: Nathan Long
Publisher: Black Library, 2006
Series: Warhammer: Gotrek & Felix: Book 8
Book Type: Novel
Genre: Fantasy
Sub-Genre Tags: Heroic Fantasy
Low Fantasy
Sword and Sorcery
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Gotrek and Felix arrive back on the southern coast of the Old World to discover that the orcs are running rampant as the Empire fights off a Chaos invasion futher inland. To honour an ancient pledge, Gotrek agrees to help a dwarf prince reclaim his hold from the greenskin invaders who have siezed it, but our intrepid heroes find more than they bargain for in the cold depths of the mountains.

"A snappy serial in the Tolkein vein draws its heroes and villains from a somewhat tired set of fantasy tropes, but Long's storytelling ability makes it worthwhile?the narrative maintains the momentum throughout. An engaging if derivative fantasy tale."

-Kirkus Discoveries, VNU US Literary Group


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