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Caledon of the Mists

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Caledon of the Mists

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Author: Deborah Turner Harris
Publisher: Ace Books, 1994
Series: Caledon: Book 1

1. Caledon of the Mists
2. The Queen of Ashes
3. The City of Exile

Book Type: Novel
Genre: Fantasy
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The first volume of the Caledon Saga.

For decades the last scions of the Dunladry have languished in luxurious exile at the court of the unearthly Feyan, while their homeland has been forced under the heel of a tyrant. Now Duncan, the last heir of the royal house of Caledon, and Mhairi, his sister, have returned to the Highlands to lead the clans in a struggle for freedom. With the wild and courageous chieftain Rorin McRann at their side, they march against a foe, who not only outnumbers their small army, but is prepared to call upon demonic forces to destroy them.

Far to the south, a small band of young Caledonians must snatch from the enemy's heartland, the greatest treasure of Caledon, stolen many years before. This is the Anchorstone, upon which the kings of Caledon must be crowned if they are to wield the power to save their land. Their journey homeward is fraught with peril, but without this greatest treasure the rebellion will fail and all will be lost forever.

Ultimately it is Mhairi who must answer the call of her blood. Only her extraordinary gifts can bring victory out of defeat and summon to life the ancient legends of Caledon.


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