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Sweet Myth-tery of Life

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Sweet Myth-tery of Life

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Author: Robert Lynn Asprin
Publisher: Ace Books, 1995
Starblaze, 1994
Series: Myth Adventures: Book 10
Book Type: Novel
Genre: Fantasy
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Skeeve is a powerful magician, and he always means well... but he is more than a bit naive when it comes to romance. And suddenly, he's drowning in a sea of romance! There's Bunny, the brilliant mob moll, Cassandra the friendly neighborhood vampire night club queen... and of course, there's the sexy but dangerously twisted Queen Hemlock.

Only one of his nubile suitors can assure his future--and maybe even keep him alive !



I have a problem...

"And so, to recap, the situation is this..."

I ticked the points off on my fingers, giving my audience a visual image to reinforce my words.

"First, Queen Hemlock wants me to be her consort. Second, she's given me a month to think it over before I reach my decision. Third..."

I tapped the appropriate finger for emphasis.

"If I decide not to marry her, she says she'll abdicate, naming me her successor and sticking me with the whole mess. Got that?"

I was proud of my ability to address the problem head on, summarizing and analyzing it as I sought a solution. There was a time in the not too distant past when I simply would have lapsed into blind panic. If nothing else, my adventures over the years had done wonders for my confidence in my abilities to handle nearly any crisis.

"Gleep!" my audience responded.

Okay... so I wasn't all that confident.

Copyright © 1994 by Robert Lynn Asprin


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