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Anthropol / The Time Mercenaries

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Anthropol / The Time Mercenaries

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Author: Philip E. High
Louis Trimble
Publisher: Ace Books, 1968

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Book Type: Omnibus
Genre: Science-Fiction
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It's an urgent assignment for Vernay: get control of the totalitarian government of Ujvila. Hard enough, but Vernay's also got to do it before Galactic-Military solves the problem its own way: by slamming in an invasion force and destroying half the planet.

The natives of Anthropol don't like aliens and they don't want Vernay. So it's going to be a tough assignment.

One of the toughest of his career.

The Time Mercenaries

There had been one war scare too many and so the human race had used genetic sorcery to delete the aggressive tendencies from its heredity. But now mankind was faced with an enemy so superior, so ruthless, that it was fight or be wiped out, and the humans could not fight. They couldn't even give orders to their robots to produce weapons.

The only possibility was to call up and bring back to life a museum exhibit: the submarine EUPHRATES and its battle-trained crew. The ship had been sunk a thousand years ago, and had been preserved to demonstrate the decadence of violence, violence which was now the only hope against and enemy to whom living space was all-important and human life was entirely superfluous!


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