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Forsaken Skies

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Forsaken Skies

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Author: D. Nolan Clark
Publisher: Orbit, 2016
Series: The Silence: Book 1

1. Forsaken Skies
2. Forgotten Worlds
3. Forbidden Suns

Book Type: Novel
Genre: Science-Fiction
Sub-Genre Tags: Alien Invasion
Military SF
Space Exploration
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(5 reads / 4 ratings)


Commander Lanoe is one of the Navy's greatest heroes, but the civil war left him with nothing but painful memories. When a planetary governor is murdered, it falls to Lanoe to hunt down the killer and bring them to justice.

Yet his pursuit will lead him towards the greatest threat mankind has ever faced.

An unknown armada has emerged from the depths of space, targeting an isolated colony planet. As the colonists plead for help, the politicians and bureaucrats look away. But Lanoe has never run from a fight - and he will not abandon thousands of innocents to their fate.


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Forsaken Skies

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