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The Inheritors / The Gateway to Never

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The Inheritors / The Gateway to Never

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Author: A. Bertram Chandler
Publisher: Ace Books, 1972

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Book Type: Omnibus
Genre: Science-Fiction
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The Inheritors

He was a cunning, ruthless opportunist who paid when he had to and stole when he could - but never whan there was the slightest chance of getting caught. That's what had John Grimes worried: here was Kane directly under the watchful eyes - and guns - of a Federation Survey vessel, openly engaging in kidnapping and trafficking in human flesh!
Despite the fact that the beautiful inhabitants of this Lost Colony faced a fate worse than death, a more cautious - or less gallant - officer would do nothing - secure in the knowledge that regardless of appearances there would be some loophole that placed the Law squarely on Kane's side. But Grimes, being Grimes, would have to act - knowing full well that to "interfere with a merchantmen on her lawful occasions" meant a blasted career... and knowing too that Drongo Kane never broke the law...

Gateway to Never

The air was alive with the vicious buzzing of the stun-guns. The smuggler was frozen in his squatting posture, paralyzed, unable to stir so much as a finger. But the robot moved. Its drive unit hammered shockingly and unrhythmically and it shot straight upwards. Beams from hastily switched on police searchlights swept the sky like the antennae of disturbed insects - then caught it, held it, a tiny bright star in a firmament that had never known any stars. At least four machine rifles were hammering, and an incandescent tracer arched upwards with deceptive slowness.
The lieutenant had drawn his laser pistol and the purple beam slashed across the darkness, power-wasting and desperate. Some hapless night-flying creature caught by the sword of lethal light exploded smokily.

It might have the machine rifles that found their mark, it might have been the laser pistol. Nobody ever knew. But the broken beat of the inertial drive ceased abruptly and the robot was falling, faster and faster...

"Down!" shouted somebody. "Get down!"


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