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The Ghost Army

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The Ghost Army

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Author: David C. Smith
Publisher: Zebra Books, 1983
Series: Oron: Book 5
Book Type: Collection
Genre: Fantasy
Sub-Genre Tags: Sword and Sorcery
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Heads Roll When Oron Hefts His Mighty Sword!


The Fate of Diaru - Oron rescues a young woman involved in an arranged marriage against her will.

The Jewel for the Sorcerer's Daughter - Oron happens upon a couple battling over a mystical jewel that could save their daughter's life.

Red Tears - Oron's travels take him through a bandit ravaged village where the only survivors are women who fear for their lives.

The Seven-Pointed Star - Oron unwillingly battles alongside a group of sorcerer's set upon bringing death to a traitor of their ranks.

Death In Asakad - Oron is caught in the besieged city of Asakad and must decide which warring faction to ally with.


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