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Gate Crashers

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Gate Crashers

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Author: Patrick S. Tomlinson
Publisher: Tor, 2018
Series: Gate Crashers: Book 1

1. Gate Crashers
2. Starship Repo

Book Type: Novel
Genre: Science-Fiction
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The only thing as infinite and expansive as the universe is humanity's unquestionable ability to make bad decisions.

Humankind ventures further into the galaxy than ever before... and immediately causes an intergalactic incident. In their infinite wisdom, the crew of the exploration vessel Magellan, or as she prefers, "Maggie," decides to bring the alien structure they just found back to Earth. The only problem? The aliens are awfully fond of that structure.

A planet full of bumbling, highly evolved primates has just put itself on a collision course with a far wider, and more hostile, galaxy that is stranger than anyone can possibly imagine.


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Gate Crashers

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