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The Flame of Iridar / Peril of the Starmen

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The Flame of Iridar / Peril of the Starmen

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Author: Lin Carter
Kris Neville
Publisher: Belmont Books, 1967
Series: Belmont Doubles: Book 2
Book Type: Anthology
Genre: Science-Fiction
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The Flame of Iridar

From out of the gloom in the dungeon where Chandar, Prince of Orin, awaited a tortured death, Sarkong the Enchanter shimmered into reality. His emerald eyes gleamed with an inhuman lustre as, with a soundless command, and without a touch, he mysteriously released the chains which bound Chandar. The prize Sarond the offered Chandar was freedom, the price..the timeless struggle between tow oposing forces... a man who used the secret powers of the universe for his own schemes... a man who vowed to stop him by his own strength and wits.

Peril of the Starmen

Five inhabited planets has been shattered to nothingness by the Oligarchs of Brionmar. the sixth was to be Earth...

The people of Earth welcomed the smiling and friendly starmen of Brionmar with gracious approval. The starmen asked only one favor-- "Let us make a geological survey of your planet's surface."

Who would suspect the true purpose of the survey--Who would stop the countdown to the destruction of Warth which began the monent the starmen landed?


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