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Pattern for Conquest:  An Interplanetary Adventure

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Pattern for Conquest: An Interplanetary Adventure

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Author: George O. Smith
Publisher: Gnome Press, 1949

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Book Type: Novel
Genre: Science-Fiction
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Spectacular action and dramatic adventure make this science fiction novel outstanding entertainment. Jumping forward in time several hundred years, the reader find himself in a future where space travel is commonplace. Spaceships of mankind criscross from planet to planet, carrying civilization out of our Solar System to the stars behond. Alien people are encountered on strange worlds and fascinating situations are experienced. Vast fleets of spacships clash in battle. For exciting reading pleasure--mixed with the thought-provoking ideas of scientific speculation--this is a story not to be missed.

Mankind of the future, the story relates, has united itself into a Solar Combine. Progressive and powerful, this Combine explores its frontiers of space, confident in its unthreatened security. And then come the two Little Men. As agents of an older, more intelligent race they seen mankind's co-operation in a mysterious plan. the Solar Combine agrees to investigate a tiny object, passing through their section of the universe, which the Little Men vaguely insis is a "threat to civilization." A task force of the Space Guard is sent on the mission. The reader meets the three guardsmen in commandL Stellor Downing, Martian born, hard of nature, cold and calculating and murdersously swift, wearing a modine weapon on each hip. Clifford Lane, Venusian born, handsome and fearless wildman, gay and impetuous with a mind like a hair-trigger. And Bobby Thompson, Earth born, whose calm judgment knits the three of them into a powerful unit. They lead their ships into the territory of the catmen--and finally against the dreaded Loard-vodh, who sweep the Galaxy into a gigantic war.

George O. Smith is noted as an expert teller of interplanetary adventures. And Pattern for Conquest is Smith at his best. The intriguing plot builds to a startling enexpected climax, a climax which is clever and yet surprisingly logical. For scientific ingenuity on a mighty scope blended into exciting entertainment, this is a science fiction novel to read.


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