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Author: Liz Williams
Publisher: NewCon Press, 2022
Series: The Fallow Sisters: Book 3
Book Type: Novel
Genre: Fantasy
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The Fallow Sisters: Bee, Stella, Serena, Luna

Spring is in the air. As the Fallow Sisters and their friends recover from the events of Christmas, life has taken on a semblance of normality, but that's never going to last. They have made enemies, and it's not long before darker concerns intrude on their comfortable existence in contemporary London and their Somerset home. Once again they face danger beyond their understanding; a threat they are determined to identify and master.

Serena's relationship with the movie actor, Ward, is going from strength to strength, but when she is dragged back to the past while on location with him in Brighton, she knows the discovery of a dead airman is significant, but has no idea how. And what was Ward's ex Miranda doing there in the year 1893? Miranda had been present during some of the events of the winter, but was her role more significant than anyone realised?

When Diana, the Huntress, appears to Stella in central London and sets her a task to complete, Stella knows she can't refuse, but is it something she can hope to achieve?

If only the sisters could trust their mother, but they all sense there are things that Alys isn't telling them and instinct warns them to be wary of her...


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