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Reward for Retief

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Reward for Retief

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Author: Keith Laumer
Publisher: Baen, 1989
Series: Retief: Book 14
Book Type: Novel
Genre: Science-Fiction
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"In Zany-Doo did Jame Retief a stately pleasure dome decree..."

Retief's latest assignment is on Zany-Doo, a wild undeveloped planet whose residents have a marked dislike for Terrans. The caterpilleroid natives seem to have something to hide, but neither Ambassador Spoilsport nor Retief's ineffable boss, Ben Magnan, can figure out what it might be. The Retief and Magnan stumble into an idyllis enclave unlike anthing else tehy've seen--and realise just how special Zany-Doo is. The planet is at the center of a trans-temporal flux where the very nature of reality can be transformed by a thought.

But even in a world where reality is subject to shim, honor, courage and determination will carrey the day. After all, Retief is just a state of mind...


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