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Empty Space:  A Haunting

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Empty Space: A Haunting

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Author: M. John Harrison
Publisher: Night Shade Books, 2013
Gollancz, 2012
Series: Kefahuchi Tract Trilogy: Book 3

1. Light
2. Nova Swing
3. Empty Space

Book Type: Novel
Genre: Science-Fiction
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One of science fiction’s premiere stylists, M. John Harrison has received abundant praise and awards for his wildly imaginative ideas and transcendent prose. Now he returns to the richly complex universe of Light and Nova Swing with a stunning new novel that braids three glittering strands into a tapestry that spans vast reaches of time and space.

In the near future, an elderly English widow is stirred from her mundane existence by surreal omens and visitations. Centuries later, the space freighter Nova Swing takes on an illegal alien artifact as cargo, with consequences beyond reckoning. While on a distant planet, a nameless policewoman tries to bring order to an event zone where ordinary physics do not apply, only to find herself caught up in something even stranger and more sublime...


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M. John Harrison - The Kefahuchi Tract Book T...

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