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The Fox
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The Fox

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Author: Sherwood Smith
Publisher: DAW Books, 2007
Series: Inda: Book 2
Book Type: Novel
Genre: Fantasy
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Attending the King's Military Academy had been Inda's greatest dream. But Academy reality is far from what he'd imagined-for by defending the second son of the king, Inda becomes embroiled in a vicious political struggle among the nobility that he has no hope of winning.

But these petty squabbles are only a faint shadow of what is to come. His future holds betrayals he cannot even imagine, and before growing to manhood, his fate will sever him from all he holds dear, thrusting him away from friends, family, and the life he thought he'd been meant to live, onto the perilous decks of pirate ships and beyond...


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The Fox

- Alexa


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