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Dark Dreams:  aka Dark Legacy

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Dark Dreams: aka Dark Legacy

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Author: Rowena Cory Daniells
Publisher: Bantam Dell Publishing Group, 2001
Series: The Fall of Fair Isle: Book 2

1. Broken Vows
2. Dark Dreams
3. Desperate Alliances

Book Type: Novel
Genre: Fantasy
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A royal enchantress is torn between a magic legacy and a shattering destiny....

In a world of treachery and magic, a warrior princess must face an unknown future -- while her past comes back to haunt her....

Fair Isle was once a lush and lovely land, renowned for its wealth and elegance. Now its fields lie blackened by barbarian Ghebite conquerors who despise its traditions of female freedom -- and fear its captive young empress, Imoshen.

One of the last pure T'En -- legendary for their subtle enchantments and fearsome beauty -- Imoshen's magical nature is just beginning to emerge as this new era dawns on Fair Isle. Now, pregnant with Ghebite leader Tulkhan's child, she must battle to save both her land and her new union from being torn apart by suspicion and fear.

Despite their clashing cultures, Tulkhan stirs in Imoshen a quicksilver passion, an all-consuming attraction that trembles on the brink of love. But as Imoshen tries to resist the urge to give in to this powerful longing, an older bond -- and more sacred lust -- tempts her. For she cannot forget her youthful betrothal to her kinsman Reothe, the last T'En warrior, a proud and sorcerous renegade who now seeks to reclaim Fair Isle -- and Imoshen as well.


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