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Prince on a White Horse
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Prince on a White Horse

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Author: Tanith Lee
Publisher: DAW Books, 1986
Macmillan UK, 1982
Series: Castle of Dark: Book 2

1. The Castle of Dark
2. Prince on a White Horse

Book Type: Novel
Genre: Fantasy
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He was a prince, he knew. And he was riding a white horse. But who he was, and how he got there, he had no idea. The horse didn't know either - it was good at protecting him from the many monsters that came to attack him, and it could turn into a lion, for difficult jobs like climbing mountains, but although it told the prince many things, it always denied that it could speak.

The prince needed all the help he could get. During a series of adventures in which he encountered two witches (one good and one bad), escaped from Beesles, Oggrings, Skolks, and some of the other extremely unpleasant creatures that lived in the world, and acquired a companion, Gemant the Red Knight, the Prince discovered from Vultikan the Hoiler that he was the Looked-For Deliverer. VultiKan gave him a special sword and a suit of armour to equip him for the fray. His foe was Nulgrave, and the very mention of the word terrified everyone.

Suffering from confusion himself, and in a world which operated by no logic he could fathom, the prince's task was monumentally hard. But Nulgrave was horribly serious, so he persevered, and the result was as crazy and funny - and satisfying as anyone could wish.


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