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Solaris Rising 3:  The New Solaris Book of Science Fiction
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Solaris Rising 3: The New Solaris Book of Science Fiction

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Author: Ian Whates
Publisher: Solaris, 2014
Series: Solaris Rising: Book 3

1. Solaris Rising
2. Solaris Rising 2
3. Solaris Rising 3

Book Type: Anthology
Genre: Science-Fiction
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Benjanun Sriduangkaew // Chris Beckett // Julie E. Czerneda // Ken Liu // Tony Ballantyne // Sean Williams // Laura Lam // Aliette de Bodard // Ian Watson // Gareth L. Powell // Nina Allan // Adam Roberts // George Zebrowski // Cat Sparks // Rachel Swirsky // Benjamin Rosenbaum // Alex Dally MacFarlane // Ian R. MacLeod & Martin Sketchley

Award-nominated editor Ian Whates showcases the best in contemporary science fiction, celebrating new writing by a roster of diverse and exciting authors. Here you will discover how this ‘literature of ideas’ produces stories of astonishing imagination and incisive speculation.
Solaris Rising 3 thrillingly demonstrates why science fiction is the most relevant, daring and progressive of genres.

Table of Content

  1. “A Smart-Mannered Uprising of the Dead” by Ian McDonald
  2. “The Incredible Exploding Man” by Dave Hutchinson
  3. “Sweet Spots” by Paul di Filippo
  4. “Best SF of the Year Three” by Ken MacLeod
  5. “The One that Got Away” by Tricia Sullivan
  6. “Rock Day” by Stephen Baxter
  7. “Eluna” by Stephen Palmer
  8. “Shall I Tell You the Problem with Time Travel?” by Adam Roberts
  9. “The Lives and Deaths of Che Guevara” by Lavie Tidhar
  10. “Steel Lake” by Jack Skillingstead
  11. “Mooncakes” by Mike Resnick and Laurie Tom
  12. “At Play in The Fields” by Steve Rasnic Tem
  13. “How We Came Back From Mars” by Ian Watson
  14. “You Never Know” by Pat Cadigan
  15. “Yestermorrow” by Richard Salter
  16. “Dreaming Towers, Silent Mansions” by Jaine Fenn
  17. “Eternity’s Children” by Eric Brown and Keith Brooke
  18. “For the Ages” by Alastair Reynolds
  19. “Return of the Mutant Worms” by Peter F. Hamilton


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