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Author: Thomas Tessier
Publisher: Berkley Publishing Group, 1985
Atheneum, 1982

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Book Type: Novel
Genre: Fantasy
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Those childhood fears... those nameless terrors... they're real this time.

Ned has known about phantoms since he was very young. You have to hide from them, under your bed covers. You can’t peek, because then you’ll see that they’re real. Then there’s no taking it back.

When Ned is almost ten, his parents move him from the city to a small town called Lynnhaven. Lynnhaven has its own ghosts-stories of people long gone and a ruined, abandoned spa that still remains. Ned seems to adapt well, befriending several local old-timers and spending his days fishing and playing. However, he slowly becomes aware that there is something dark waiting for him, and he associates it with the decrepit spa. He knows that sooner or later he will have to face his phantom...


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Thoughtful, Slow-Paced Horror Story

- Allie


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