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Richard Kasak / Masquerade Books

Richard Kasak / Masquerade Books

Founded: Unknown
Founded by: Richard Kasak
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For 63-year-old Richard Kasak, being one of America's leading publishers of erotica -- gay, lesbian, straight, S&M, you name it -- is a bit like being in the grocery business. "You know you need a certain number of eggs every day, and a certain number of milk bottles," he said during a recent interview in his midtown Manhattan office. "But sometimes you also think: Maybe today I'll buy some Haagen Dasz, just to dress up the store."
It's this kind of few-frills attitude that helps Kasak and his small staff publish up to 11 books a month, titles which span such imprints as Masquerade (primarily heterosexual and S&M), Bad Boy (gay erotica), Rosebud (lesbian erotica), Hard Candy (less sexually explicit gay and lesbian erotica), and Richard Kasak trade books. - from 7/29/96 Salon Interview

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• Samuel Delany  • Lucy Taylor