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Guardbridge Books

Guardbridge Books

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Guardbridge Books is a small company that produces high quality books. Our specialities are innovative speculative fiction and rigorously researched but accessible non-fiction.

Our fiction includes science fiction and fantasy, as well as other imaginative categories like 'slipstream' and 'new weird'. We like fiction that has strong literary qualities and provokes thought about important ideas, but which is also entertaining to read.

Our non-fiction focuses on history, science and other scholarly topics. We aim to present these subjects in a way that combines detailed research and accuracy with readability and accessibility. A challenging balance, but one that brings great discoveries to a wider audience. Plus, we are also interested in auto-biography and other creative non-fiction.

All of our titles will be available in both print and e-book formats. We utilize small print runs and print-on-demand to cut down on the expense of maintaining stock and storage. But we will always seek excellent production partners to create a quality product. Fortunately, recent advances in digital printing and print-on-demand processes enable this approach in a way that was not possible just a few years ago.

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• Dilman Dila  • Stephen Embleton