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Spiegel & Grau

Spiegel & Grau

Founded: Unknown
Founded by: Julie Grau & Celina Spiegel


In a world besieged by conflict, rapid change, ideology, and constant pressures, we need books more than ever to help us make sense of our lives—books with a serrated edge, to cut through the noise and chaos of our culture.

The books published under the banner of Spiegel & Grau aim to be on the frontline. As publishers we want to be responsive to the issues that touch people’s lives but also to provide a forum for thinkers and writers who break new ground, pose new questions, provoke and challenge us to remain alert and alive to change, even as they entertain us. We are open to new forms of expression as well as more traditional forms, but whether we are publishing a novel or a memoir, a work of narrative journalism or bold invention, or an original argument that reframes our understanding of an issue, we aim to create a list of books that share the potential to transform us and unite us in a common experience. Our goal is to realize and enhance each author’s vision, by bringing to each publication—from the editorial process to the book’s physical packaging to its launch into the world—the same level of energy, creativity, and ambition that our authors put into their craft.

We have named Spiegel & Grau to reflect our commitment to publishing within a tradition and, simultaneously, to looking forward. From the beginning of publishing history, houses have been named after their male founders; and yet today, naming a house after its female founders feels both old-fashioned and radical. We feel the name reflects our personal commitment to stand behind our books; and in following a venerable publishing tradition, we are also laying out our ambition that this new venture—the books we and our editors publish—will be a lasting one.

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Authors Published

• Victor LaValle  • Rebecca Stott  • Mat Johnson  • Anjali Sachdeva