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Pink Narcissus Press

Pink Narcissus Press

Founded: 2010
Founded by:
Location: PO Box 303
Auburn, MA 01501
Titles/Circulation: 0


Heroic quests. Epic battles between good and evil. Worlds populated with monsters, errant knights, faerie folk, demons, wizards and dragons. These are all fine things in our opinion, and we seek out the original in the traditional.

However, even we sometimes tire of hanging around in the cold, damp castle until the king sends us off on a another quest for another magic sword. Therefore dark fantasy, urban fantasy, literary fantasy, and crossovers with science fiction and horror are also welcome.

Other genres we like served straight up include horror, the new weird, steampunk, and soft sociological science fiction.

We consider ourselves LGBTQ friendly and welcome themes of alternative sexuality.

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Authors Published

• Kassidy Kabza  • Tlotlo Tsamaase  • Caren Gussoff  • Fran Wilde  • Boukje Balder