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Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Publishers

Unsung Stories

Unsung Stories

Founded: Unknown
Founded by: Red Squirrel Publishing
Location: 77 Beak Street
Suite 235
LondonW1F 9DB
Titles/Circulation: 0


Unsung Stories is a fiction imprint of Red Squirrel Publishing, a London-based independent press. Unsung Stories publish speculative fiction. This means science fiction, fantasy and horror, but especially the fuzzy bits between these genres: hard and soft sci-fi, high and low fantasy, slipstream, alternative history, steampunk, cyberpunk, weird fiction and anything else that defies expectation.

Submission Details

Fantasy, science fiction and horror. Complete novels of 30K + words, or short story collections to be considered for print publication.

We are also interested in exploring the potential of short fiction that falls somewhere between the short story and the traditional novel; novelettes, long-short fiction, whatever you want to call it, we’d like to read it.

Works of 3-30K words will be considered for our range of ebooks, giving writers a chance to place their works that are too long for journals but too short for traditional book-length publication.

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Authors Published

• Aliya Whiteley  • Ian Hocking  • Oliver Langmead  • Emma Swift  • Vicki Jarrett  • Tiffani Angus  • Rym Kechacha