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Worlds Without End Roll-Your-Own Reading Challenge

2018 Genre Non-Fiction

2018 Genre Non-Fiction

There are scads of fascinating and entertaining genre non-fiction books. You could learn more about a favorite author and their works, gain insight from a better understanding of genre history and historical context, read some of the "Top 100" books responsible for some of the lists featured here, and find more books for your to-read list.

Some possibilities: History, Criticism & Critical Analysis, Top 100, Essay Collections, Review Collections, Biographies, Autobiographies, Interviews, Correspondence and more!

BTW, the gorgeous banner for the challenge was created by our site admin, and it incorporates the figure of Caspar David Friedrich's Wanderer.

Challenge Details
Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror
Challenge Span: January 2018 – December 2018

Reading Levels
Select your reading level below. You can adjust your level up or down at any time during the challenge.

 Student = 2 books + 1 reviews
 Scholar = 4 books + 2 reviews
 Savant = 6 books + 3 reviews

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Heinlein in Dimension


An Informal History of the Hugos
The History of Science Fiction (2nd Edition)
How To Build a Time Machine:  The Real Science of Time Travel
The Legion of Regrettable Supervillians
The Princess Diarist
A Slip of the Keyboard: Collected Non-Fiction