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Mayday Orbit / No Man's World

Ace Double F-Series: Book 104

Poul Anderson
Kenneth Bulmer

Mayday Orbit

Shout it to the stars.

No Man's World

Beyond the star curtain.

The Light of Lilith / The Sun Saboteurs

Ace Double F-Series: Book 108

Damon Knight
G. McDonald Wallis

The Light of Lilith

Trapped in time's vortex.

The Sun Saboteurs

Exiles from a hostile universe.

Rebels of the Red Planet / 200 Years to Christmas

Ace Double F-Series: Book 113

J. T. McIntosh
Charles L. Fontenay

Rebels of the Red Planet

MARS FOR THE MARTIANS! Dark Kensington had been dead for twenty-five years. It was a fact; everyone knew it. Then suddenly he reappeared, youthful, brilliant, ready to take over the Phoenix, the rebel group that worked to overthrow the tyranny that gripped the settlers on Mars.

The Phoenix had been destroyed not once, not twice, but three times! But this time the resurrected Dark had new plans, plans which involved dangerous experiments in mutation and psionics.

And now the rebels realized they were in double jeopardy. Not only from the government's desperate hatred of their movement, but also from the growing possibility that the new breed of mutated monsters would get out of hand and bring terrors never before known to man.

200 Years to Christmas

For almost two centuries the huge spaceship had speared its way through the stars, bound for another 200 hundred years of travel before it would put down on a new planet, a new home for the Earth people.

On board the metal-enclosed worldlet were four hundred people: the last survivors of Earth. It was up to them to start life anew, to correct the mistakes their ancestors had made.

But as the tenth generation neared maturity, the idle passengers found themselves face to face with these same problems--and this time there was no place to run and hide or to postpone their answers. For their miniature society was changing faster and faster. And the spaceship suddenly seemed destined to end as a star-bound coffin.

The Door Through Space / Rendezvous on a Lost World

Ace Double F-Series: Book 117

A. Bertram Chandler
Marion Zimmer Bradley

The Door Through Space

Wolf: a deadly world under a cold red sun, old when Terrans were learning to walk upright. Only one Terran agent knew Wolf well enough to pass undetected; but he had ruined his usefulness long ago. And yet only this scarred and bitter man could discover the secret of The Door Through Space...

Rendezvous on a Lost World

His was a dream few spaceman ever saw come true. In a second-hand, obsolete space ship, Kemp and his three comrades took off determined to set up a shuttle service between the planets at the rim of the galaxy.

But trouble--in the form of two lost colonies, one inhabited by giant mechanical insects and the other by the descendants of a murderous pirate--threatened. Kemps crew began to wonder: just how much will one man sacrifice to realize a dream?

Delusion World / Spacial Delivery

Ace Double F-Series: Book 119

Gordon R. Dickson

Delusion World

There had to be a reason why that isolated human colony had been able to survive right in the heart of the stars held by mankind's implacable enemies. But nobody had been able to get to the quaintly named Dunroamin to find out.

If they had a secret defense, it could be the answer to a hundred planets' prayers. And feliz Gebrod realized as he came in for a crash landing that he'd know the secret soonenr than he'd expected.

Except that what he encountered was a life-and-death riddle that had nothing to do with stellar defense. It was this: how can two mutually irreconcilable Uropias occupy the same space at the same time?

Spacial Delivery

In the good old days when you were dispatched to rescue a maiden distressed by monsters, they usually gave you a suit of armor and a mighty steed.

Well, times have changed: John Tardy didn't volunteer to do battle for maiden fair; he didn't know about the battle until he was in it. And no suit of armor either on Dilbia, it's bare hands even when your opponent has the size, strength and temperament of a hungry Kodiak bear.

John Tardy, a very competent Earthman, figured all that could have been worked out, if only he could have arrived at the fight aboard a magnificent charger, or on his own two feet, or any way other than Spacial Delivery.

Collision Course / The Nemesis from Terra

Ace Double F-Series: Book 123

Leigh Brackett
Robert Silverberg

Collision Course

The crew of the XV-ftl was looking forward to shore leave, vacation, and a chance to see their families after a month in space. But once they brought back the news that they had discovered aliens, they were doomed to another, and longer, journey. Accompanying them on the return were several technical experts, who seemed to be more interested in squabbling with each other than meeting the first alien race in the history of humankind. But face to face with the blue humanoid Norglans, everyone began to realise just how important these first meetings could be - for they could make the difference between peaceful coexistence in space and interstellar war!

The Nemesis from Terra

Rick Urquhart was going to conquer the turmoil-ridden planet of Mars. He was penniless and unknown, but there could be no doubt that he would rule the Red Planet--the ancient Martian mystic had made the prophecy, there was no way fate could cheat him of his prize.

But there were powerful interests on both Earth and Mars who didn't believe in prophecies--and they were going to undo Rick's future before it had a chance to begin.

Worlds of the Imperium / Seven from the Stars

Ace Double F-Series: Book 127

Marion Zimmer Bradley
Keith Laumer

Worlds of the Imperium

When Brion Bayard was kidnapped and brought to the alternate world where Earth's history took a different turn, it was not a pleasant experience. It was, however, a startling experience. Here was a world that was just like the Earth he was taken from--with just a few subtle changes. On top of all this, Brion was given a puzzling assignment by his captors. He was to secretly enter a palace, and kill a dangerous and tyrannical dictator. There was one, small catch--the hated dictator in this world was the mirror image of Brion Bayard. For on an Alternate Earth, Brion's is his own worst enemy!

Seven from the Stars

As they watched humanity and Earth being destroyed they were determined to fight and survive, but they now faced an enemy able to live undetected in a human host, unrestricted by time and space, and determined to rule!

The Automated Goliath / The Three Suns of Amara

Ace Double F-Series: Book 129

William F. Temple

The Automated Goliath

Man - yes; machine - no!

The Three Suns of Amara

The tree-trap, the she-trap and the killer ld.

The Rim of Space / Secret Agent of Terra

Ace Double F-Series: Book 133

John Brunner
A. Bertram Chandler

The Rim of Space

Derek Calver touches down on Lorn and is determined to join the Rim Runners to explore desolate planets.

He joins the crew of Lorn Lady and sets forth for Mellise, inhabited by intelligent amphibians; for Groller, where the natives have just qualified as humanoids; for Stree with its tea loving lizards; and Tharn, home of a pre-industrial civilization., January 1965

Secret Agent of Terra

Once the city of Carrig stood supreme on this planet that had been settled by space refugees in the distant, forgotten past. From every corner of this primitive lost world caravans came to trade - and to view the great King-Hunt, the gruesome test by which the people of Carrig chose their rulers.

Then from space came new arrivals. And with them came their invincible death guns and their ruthless, all-powerful tyranny.

Now there would be no King-Hunt in Carrig, or hope for the planet-unless a fool-hardy high-born named Saikmar and a beautiful Earthling space-spy named Maddalena, could do the impossible...

Un-Man and Other Novellas / The Makeshift Rocket

Ace Double F-Series: Book 139

Poul Anderson

Table of Contents:

  • The Makeshift Rocket - (1962) - novel
  • novel Un-Man - (1953) - novella
  • Margin of Profit - (1956) - novelette
  • The Live Coward - (1956) - shortstory

The Ladder in the Sky / The Darkness Before Tomorrow

Ace Double F-Series: Book 141

Keith Woodcott
Robert Moore Williams

The Darkness Before Tomorrow by Robert Moore Williams. Were all humans their guinea pigs?

The Ladder in the Sky by Keith Woodcott (pseudonym for John Brunner). Black magic or unimaginable super-science?

The Seed of Earth / Next Stop the Stars

Ace Double F-Series: Book 145

Robert Silverberg

Table of Contents:

  • The Seed of Earth - (1962) - novel
  • Slaves of the Star Giants - (1957) - novella
  • The Songs of Summer - (1956) - shortstory
  • Hopper - (1956) - novelette
  • Blaze of Glory - (1957) - shortstory
  • Warm Man - (1957) - shortstory

Eye of the Monster / Sea Siege

Ace Double F-Series: Book 147

Andre Norton

Eye of the Monster

Rees Naper had never trusted the reptilian Ishkurians, in spite of the fact that many of the Terran colonists thought they had been wronged. His worst fears were realized when the Terran authorities decided to grant the Ishkurians self-government and withdrew their protective forces from the planet. It turned out that he was right - as soon as the last troops left the "crocs" went on a killing rampage.

Cut off from the remaining fortified outposts by miles of jungle and armies of crocs, Rees knew that his only chance for survival was to outwit the cunning reptiles. He had to learn to think like a croc, feel like a croc... and see through the eye of the monster!

Sea Siege

The worst had happened... or so the survivors of the nuclear holocaust thought. But on an island in the West Indies a small group of American Seabees, scientists and natives knew otherwise, knew that a horror more terrifying than any man had ever known had been unleashed in the seas -- and that no one could stop it...

King of the Fourth Planet / Cosmic Checkmate

Ace Double F-Series: Book 149

Robert Moore Williams
Katherine MacLean
Charles V. De Vet

King of the Fourth Planet

King of the Fourth Planet: John Rolf fled his own guilt when he abandoned the corruption of Earth for a life of meditation on the many levels of Mars' mountain...

Cosmic Checkmate

I'll beat you the second game was the Earthman's challenge to the planet Velda, whose culture was indeed based on a complicated super-chess of skill and concentration.

The Planet Savers / The Sword of Aldones

Ace Double F-Series: Book 153

Marion Zimmer Bradley

The Planet Savers

Planet Savers is the first novel set in the world of Darkover in which the Terrans of Gottman IV desperately seek a cure to a disease of epidemic proportions.

The Sword of Aldones

After Lew Alton unwittingly roused the fire demon Sharra, the Sword of Aldones was the only weapon that could lay her to rest again. But only one man could wield the sword, and getting it was an even bigger problem.

Times Without Number / Destiny's Orbit

Ace Double F-Series: Book 161

John Brunner
David Grinnell

Destiny's Orbit

Though Ajax Calkins was wealthy enough to buy anything on earth his heart desired, the one thing he wanted most was strictly forbidden. That was a world of his own - a planet, however small, which would be his private kingdom in the sky. The Earth-Mars Space Administration stood in his path. They would tolerate no such 18th Century derring-do in the commercial and workaday planetary channels of the 21st Century. Empire-building was out.

But when an offer from a bearded stranger opened the way to just such an adventure, Ajax leapt at the chance. In his luxury spacecraft Destiny he shot out through the inner planets to the tiny world that waited a king - and, unwittingly to a monster outer-planet empire that waited a detonator for cosmic war.

Times Without Number

Traveling backwards in time, Don Miguel had to undo the errors and interruptions o f other time-interlopers; he had to preserve the present. Even the most insignificant nudging of the past could entirely alter his world! And he suspected that this had already happened: that a maniacal genius crazed with a desire for nationalist vindication had plotted to alter the victorious outcome of the Spanish Armada of 1588 - thus changing recorded history and perhaps even imperiling the mighty Spanish Empire of 1988!

If Don Miguel did not successfully intercede, when he came back to the present he might find a different world... a different time... a time in which he probably didn't even exist!

Cache From Outer Space / The Celestial Blueprint and Other Stories

Ace Double F-Series: Book 165

Philip José Farmer

Cache From Outer Space

Benoni Rider set out across the unexplored desert of a future America to prove himself a man and to find a new land for his people. The task at first seemed merely exceedingly hard - and then it began to seem entirely impossible.

Because all he had to do was join a barbaric army, become a bodyguard for a queen, act as another nation's emissary to his own, lead an army into battle against the wild men of the north, and manage somehow to get back to Fiiniks with the secret of the Cache From Outer Space.

That last was the secret that, if learned, could enable any of the barbarian nations of that devastated future to control the rest of the world -- or annihilate it all over again!

Retitled "The Long Warpath" and included in The Cache (collection, Tor, 1981).

The Celestial Blueprint and Other Stories

Four early Farmer stories, including the Sturch series novella "Rastignac the Devil."


  • Rastignac the Devil (1954)
  • The Celestial Blueprint (1954)
  • They Twinkled Like Jewels (1954)
  • Totem and Taboo (1954)

The Jewels of Aptor / Second Ending

Ace Double F-Series: Book 173

Samuel R. Delany
James White

The Jewels of Aptor

When Argo, the White Goddess, orders it Geo, the itinerant poet, and his three disparate companions journey to the island of Aptor to seize a jewel from the dark god, Hama, and return it to Argo so that she may defeat the malign forces ranged against her and the land of Leptar

But, as the four push deep into the enigmatic heart of Aptor and the easy distinctions between good and evil start to blur, their mission no longer seems straightforward. For Argo already controls two of the precious stones and possession of the third would make her power absolute. And the four friends have learned that power tends to corrupt...

Second Ending

Five miles beneath the surface, Ross was awakened from the deep sleep of suspended animation to find himself in an empty world. There was no noise, no people, and no motion save for the steady activity of the hospital robots. What had happened to life? Was Ross the last human being in existence?

The Star Wasps / Warlord of Kor

Ace Double F-Series: Book 177

Terry Carr
Robert Moore Williams

The Star Wasps

Cybernetic men versus the invisible monster.

Warlord of Kor

Backward world - or secret outpost of another galaxy?

The Five Gold Bands / The Dragon Masters

Ace Double F-Series: Book 185

Jack Vance

The Five Gold Bands

The galaxy is full of wealthy planets and haughty aliens who guard the technology of interstellar travel. Earth must pay a price for use of the space drive, and this rubs Paddy Blackthorn the wrong way- so he sets out to steal the secret. The powerful Shauls capture and dump him on a barren planet- yet here he acquires five golden bands containing the very data he is after. The information is coded- and while Paddy solves the puzzle he must evade a galactic manhunt!

The Dragon Masters

The race of man is growing old, but it's not yet ready to die - not while there are dragons still to kill!

The cross-bred dragon armies of the Men of Aerlith are the most appalling horrors ever to threaten the sanity of our future:

Termagents ~ three hundred reptilian giants with six legs apiece, the most fecund breeders of them all

Jugglers ~ eighteen of them, growling amongst themselves, waiting for an opportunity to snap off a leg from any unwary groom

Murderers (striding and long-horned) ~ eighty-five of each, with scaly tails and eyes like crystals

Fiends ~ fifty-two powerful monsters, their tails tipped with spike steel balls

Blue Horrors, Basics, Spider Dragons.

Alpha Centauri or Die! / Legend of Lost Earth

Ace Double F-Series: Book 187

Leigh Brackett
G. McDonald Wallis

Alpha Centauri or Die!

Robot alert - stop that starship!

Legend of Lost Earth

Only traitors talk of Terra.

The Silent Invaders / Battle on Venus

Ace Double F-Series: Book 195

Robert Silverberg
William F. Temple

The Silent Invaders

Abner Harris was sent to Earth on a mission of extreme urgency: the universe was in danger of enslavement by the pebble-skinned Medlins, and the fight against them called for Harris to assume the disguise of a flesh-and-blood Earthman.

But once in that new synthetic body, he discovered that the real villains of space were not the Medlins or the people of Earth; THEY WERE HIS OWN KIND.

Suddenly he was alone, alienated from his own race, hated by the Medlins, and an imposter on Earth. No matter what side he chose he'd be a traitor.

Yet choose he must... or forever remain a man without a planet.

Battle on Venus

Earth's first spaceship to Venus landed amidst a war where strange weapons like the archaic ones used in the old wars on Earth in the twentieth century hurled shells at each other. But this war had lasted over a thousand years--and by remote control!

George Starkey had to find a way to stop the war before the little group of astronauts became early casualties. But how? Where were the headquarters of the contending sides and how do you tell a robot tank that you're neutral?

But George had an ally, a Venusian girl who thought stealing was virtuous--and, unknowingly, he had something else that turned out to be the most valuable substance on Venus--a box of chocolate bars!

Captives of the Flame / The Psionic Menace

Ace Double F-Series: Book 199

Samuel R. Delany
Keith Woodcott

Captives of the Flame

SAMUEL R. DELANY considers Captives of the Flame to be the first of a trilogy dealing with the same epoch and characters. It is, however, his second published novel, his first being The Jewels of Aptor, Ace Book F-173, which has received considerable acclaim.

A young man, resident in New York City, Delany is a prolific and talented writer, whose work in poetry and prose have won him many awards. Asked for comment on his literary ambitions, he preferred to quote one of the characters from one of his works:

"I wanted to wield together a prose luminous as twenty sets of headlights flung down a night road; I wanted my words tinged with the green of mercury vapor street lamps seen through a shaling of oak leaves in the park past midnight. I needed phrases that would break open like thunder, or leave a brush as gentle as willow boughs passed in a dark room.... The finest writing is always the finest delineation of surfaces."

The Psionic Menace


The Starfolk, arrogant masters of vast stretches of the cosmos beyond the Earth's sphere of influence, were determined to complete the extermination of the mind-reading mutants of Regnier's planet.

But to the mutants themselves, the terror of the Starfolk was nothing compared to the greater dread that gripped their spirits - the obsession that the universe itself was doomed. This obsession ripped into their minds, overwhelmed them, and plunged them into horrifying hysteria.

The message of room reached the ears of the Starfolk themselves, forcing the to a fateful decision. They would allow an Earthman, archeologist Philip Gascon, to visit Regnier in an attempt to unravel its secrets. What he found would either contain the key to the ultimate destiny of the universe - or the date of the doomsday.

Let the Spacemen Beware! / The Wizard of Starship Poseidon

Ace Double F-Series: Book 209

Poul Anderson
Kenneth Bulmer

Let the Spacemen Beware!

The inhabitants of Gwydion are a peaceful race with no weapons let alone concept of hatred or war. Every item on the planet has a mythological meaning to them. All except for one of the plants that grows nearly everywhere. The two main characters have arrived from different planets. One is from a libertarian culture while the other is from a capitalistic culture. They both fall in love with the same woman and are determined to find out why the Gwydions act the way they do.

The Wizard of Starship Poseidon


His height barely reached five feet, his spindly legs supported a bulging chest, and his eyes protruded grotesquely from a gnome-like head - but within that absurd-looking man lay the mind of a genius.

It was a genius that had carried mankind deep into the secrets of creation and was now on the verge of producing living organisms from test tubes filled with inert chemicals. The world, however, ridiculed the theories of Professor Cheslin Randolph and the government refused to advance the millions needed for the final series of experiments.

But Professor Randolph was determined to get the money - even if it meant turning his powerful brain to robbing a spaceship in mid-flight, using trained viruses as his accomplices.

Listen! The Stars! / The Rebellers

Ace Double F-Series: Book 215

John Brunner
Jane Roberts

Listen! The Stars!

Tune in on eternity - and disappear...

The Rebellers

The population explosion conspiracy!

Envoy to New Worlds / Flight From Yesterday

Ace Double F-Series: Book 223

Keith Laumer
Robert Moore Williams

Envoy to New Worlds

The Machiavelli of cosmic diplomacy. Collection of Retief stories.

Flight From Yesterday

Yesterday in America, tomorrow in Atlantis.

The Astronauts Must Not Land / The Space-Time Juggler

Ace Double F-Series: Book 227

John Brunner

The Astronauts Must Not Land

They'd left as men, but what were they now?

The Space-Time Juggler

He tampered with the furure of words.

Beyond the Galactic Rim / The Ship From Outside

Ace Double F-Series: Book 237

A. Bertram Chandler

Beyond the Galactic Rim


  • Forbidden Planet (1959)
  • Wet Paint (1959)
  • The Man Who Could Not Stop (1959)
  • The Key (1959)

The Ship From Outside

The reward for rescuing Thermopylae is finally paid, and Calver and his shipmates from Lorn Lady purchase a ship and rename her The Outsider. Two years are spent as a charter to Rim Runners, then six months tramping, before Sonya Verrill reappears and engineers a charter from the Federation Survey Service to look for an alien derelict. She accompanies Outsider, but proves very disruptive to Jane Calver.

Castaways' World / The Rites of Ohe

Ace Double F-Series: Book 242

John Brunner

Castaways' World

Colonising a new planet requires much more than just settling on a newly discovered island of Old Earth. New planets were different in thousands of ways, different from Earth and from each other. Any of those differences could mean death and disaster to a human settlement.

When a ship filled with refugees from a cosmic catastrophe crash-landed on such an unmapped world, their outlook was precarious. Their ship was lost, salvage had been minor, and everything came to depend on one bright young man accidentally among them.

He was a trainee planet-builder. It would have been his job to foresee all the problems necessary to set up a safe home for humanity. But the problem was that he was a mere student - and he had been studying the wrong planet.

The Rites of Ohe

'How short a time a century really is...' The speaker was Immortal Karmesin, and he had lived a thousand years. He stood, a gigantic figure against the rush of time, a permanently open channel for the infants of the galaxy to explore the deep past. He was anathema to the Phoenixes, for their creed was that of birth in death, of regeneration in destruction. And he knew that he - one man - had to unravel the Phoenix mystery, or live to watch it bring fiery death to all the planets of man...

The Hand of Zei / The Search for Zei

Ace Double F-Series: Book 249

L. Sprague de Camp

The Hand of Zei

Barely had Dirk Barnevelt finishing writing a publicity campaign for his boss, then he learned that he would shortly find himself isolated in the middle of the terrible Sunqar, a floating swamp on the planet of Krishna. Without scientific equipment and surrounded by deadly dangers, he must escape from a place he knows is impossible to succeed.

The Search for Zei

Dirk Barnevelt, tame writer for Shtain Enterprises, is sent to Krishhna to find and bring home its company's explorer-founder, captive of the pirates of the Sargasso-like Sunqar. Zei, Princess of Qirib, is kidnapped from under Barnevelt's nose, and as this new book opens he is escaping across the floating weed beds on improvised skis, with the girl but without Shtain. The rest of the book is devoted to the process by which our hero finishes his original job.

The Twisted Men / One of Our Asteroids is Missing

Ace Double F-Series: Book 253

Calvin M. Knox
A. E. Van Vogt

The Twisted Men

Contains the following novelettes:

  • The Twisted Men (1950)
  • The Star-Saint (1951)
  • The Earth Killers (1949)

One of Our Asteroids is Missing

They stole his world and his name.

The Towers of Toron / The Lunar Eye

Ace Double F-Series: Book 261

Samuel R. Delany
Robert Moore Williams

The Towers of Toron

The Lord of the Flames was loose on Earth once more--this deadly alien entity had nearly destroyed the Empire of Toromon with its first attack. Its return now would mean a new era of chaos and conflict for the remnants of humanity. Somehow mankind must defeat this strangest of all enemies--an enemy that could be anywhere or anyone, an enemy that would reduce the human race to primitive savagery...

The Lunar Eye

Beware: Spies from space!

Son of the Tree / The Houses of Iszm

Ace Double F-Series: Book 265

Jack Vance

Son of the Tree

The Tree ruled the horizons, shouldered aside the clouds, and wore thunder and lightning like a wreath of tinsels- it had come to be worshipped by the first marveling settlers on Kyril". Joe Smith arrives from Earth and soon is caught up in a political plot between opposing worlds. Ultimately he discovers the true, horrific nature of The Tree of Life...

The Houses of Iszm

The people of Iszm live in homes which are alive. Their dwellings are elaborate, hollow trees, wherein the very walls, floors- even furniture and plumbing- are all part of a living plant. For decades, inhabitants of other worlds, including Earth, have been trying to steal a female house seed, but every attempt has failed. This is the story of a most ingenious plot to carry off a prize worth billions: one seed from the Houses of Iszm.

The Dark Intruder & Other Stories / Falcons of Narabedla

Ace Double F-Series: Book 273

Marion Zimmer Bradley

The Dark Intruder & Other Stories

Collection includes:

  • "The Dark Intruder" (Measureless to Man)
  • "Jackie Sees a Star"
  • "Exiles of Tomorrow"
  • "Death Between the Stars"
  • "The Crime Therapist"
  • "The Stars Are Waiting"
  • "Black and White"

Falcons of Narabedla

Two Men in One Body--Two Epochs in Conflict

He woke up to find himself in weird surroundings, guardedcby two strangers, one an old, old man, the other a slim sexless figure hidden completely under long blue veils.

These two called him Adric, a name he instinctively responded to, even though he knew he was Mike Kenscott, radio engineer in a governement laboratory. His rich crimson clothing was unfamiliar and he was shocked by the landscape he saw through the window--mountains bathed in a pinkish light whose source was not one but two brilliant suns.

Panic seized him then. Who were these people? What world was he in? And, most important, whom had he become?

The Duplicators / No Truce with Terra

Ace Double F-Series: Book 275

Philip E. High
Murray Leinster

The Duplicators

The Duplicators is an expansion of the novella Lord of the Uffts.

A planet where everyone has a machine which can duplicate anything would be the wealthiest world in the galaxy, right? Wrong. And unless the hapless voyager who's trapped on the planet can find a solution to its problem, his voyaging will be over -- permanently.

No Truce with Terra

From: The Shaldron Race
To: The Human Race
Your presence has been noted and the reason for your visit analyzed by our instruments. We have, therefore, taken the liberty of selecting one of your party for first contact, one whom we feel is best suited to grasp the motivations of both our races and arrange for future group contacts.

Peter Collard stared at the message with a cold feeling of foreboding. He felt pity for the poor devil.

"Who is this selected contact:"

"Ah now," Dyson became suddenly interested in the papers on the table. 'Well, I'm sorry and all that, but, as a matter of fact, they want you."

Ships to the Stars / The Million Year Hunt

Ace Double F-Series: Book 285

Fritz Leiber
Kenneth Bulmer

Ships to the Stars

Something had thrown Earth's scientists into an uproar - or rather, nothing had. Because suddenly there was absolutely nothing where something very definitely should have been. Phobos and Deimos, the two moons of Mars. had disappeared.

And that was just the start of it. Before long, more of the solar system's moons were gone... people on Earth were sinking out of sight into the ground... and Earth's telepaths kept having strange dreams, full of foreboding....

A collection of 6 short stories by Fritz Leiber:

  • Dr. Kometevsky's Day - (1952) - shortstory
  • The Big Trek - (1957) - shortstory
  • The Enchanted Forest - (1950) - novelette
  • Deadly Moon - (1960) - novelette
  • The Snowbank Orbit - (1962) - shortstory
  • The Ship Sails at Midnight - (1950) - shortstory

The Million Year Hunt

...He heard a shout, distant and ringing, "No, Carson! Not that door!"

Something green writhed in through that door. Something gaseous, billowing, filling the chamber faster and faster, something that caught at his throat and gagged him, made him wretch, brought streaming tears to his eyes.

Before his eyes stretched a nightmarish growth of vine and tree, of mushroom-headed stalks, of gyrating tentacles swaying from every branch and limb. He heard a shrill, triumphant chittering.

He turned to spring back. A vice closed over his foot and tripped him. He fell, sprawling, his mouth and nostrils filling with stinking mud.

He did not remember anything more for a very long time.

Demons' World / I Want the Stars

Ace Double F-Series: Book 289

Kenneth Bulmer
Tom Purdom

Demons' World

Gigantic were The Demons who terrorized the underground kingdom of Archon. Yet, who were they? Whence came their fantastic power? Why did they wage ruthless and relentless war against Archon? These were questions to which there was no answer until Stead arrived in Archon, apparently from nowhere.

Only after he had been a Forager for some months, and had experienced the spine-chilling dangers of The Outside did Stead arrive at a solution. Even then he had a difficult task convincing the Controllers, who, for generations, had insulated themselves against the harsh truth. Only those who had actually seen The Outside - the Foragers, Soldiers and Workers - could properly understand.

I Want the Stars

Where they cosmic teachers - or galactic plotters?

The Arsenal of Miracles / Endless Shadow

Ace Double F-Series: Book 299

John Brunner
Gardner F. Fox

The Arsenal of Miracles

When Earth's stellar empire was attacked by the Lyanir, a powerful race from the uncharted stars, it was Bran Magannon, High Admiral of Space, who met their battle-challenge. He saved the Empire, but he also fell in love with the beautiful young Lyarnin queen Peganna. To the people of Empire his name became that of traitor. Now he was a lone, brooding outcast among Earth's outpost worlds, called Bran the Wanderer. Then Peganna of the Silver hair returned and told him of a fabled cache of deadly weapons left aeons ago by the long-dead race of the Crenn Lir. She wanted those weapons for her people, to use against the Empire if need be.

Endless Shadow

Two worlds in conflict: Azrael--Where pain was the only reality, & murder was not a crime but a ritual.

Ipewell--Where motherhood was honored & manhood meant a life of servitude & fear. These two worlds were at the heart of a taut dangerous situation which threatened to explode. Jorgen Thorkild, director of the Bridge System that connected forty worlds among the stars, had to try to tame them. But Thorkild faced still another problem: the loss of his own sanity!