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Black Tide Rising

Black Tide Rising Anthology: Book 1

Gary Poole
John Ringo


A collection of all-original stories set in the Black Tide Rising series of novels created by multiple New York Times best-selling author John Ringo Stories by John Ringo, Eric Flint, John Scalzi & Dave Klecha, Sarah A. Hoyt, Jody Lynn Nye, Michael Z. Williamson and more.

The news that humanity had been dreading for ages had come true. Zombies are real. Worst of all, we created them. The apocalypse was upon us, and every man, woman and child had to answer a simple question of themselves: "What do we do now?" For a group of neighbors in the Chicago suburbs of Northern Indiana, it was "work together or die" ...and figure out how to live on top of oil storage tanks to keep the zombies at bay. For the Biological Emergency Response Teams in New York City, it was "how long can we fight off the infected before it's too late" well as having to fight other groups all out to claim a dwindling stock of supplies and safety. And for a group of cheerleaders, it was about the end of their world. And about what happens when you get a group of physically fit young women really, really angry.


  • ix - Foreword (Black Tide Rising) - essay by Gary Poole
  • 1 - Never Been Kissed - short story by John Ringo
  • 5 - Up on the Roof - novella by Eric Flint
  • 57 - Staying Human - short story by Jody Lynn Nye
  • 71 - On the Wall - short story by David Klecha and John Scalzi
  • 89 - Do No Harm - short fiction by Sarah A. Hoyt
  • 109 - Not in Vain - novelette by Kacey Ezell
  • 135 - How Do You Solve a Problem Like Grandpa? - novelette by Michael Z. Williamson
  • 159 - Battle of the BERTs - novelette by Mike Massa
  • 199 - The Road to Good Intentions - novelette by Tedd Roberts
  • 227 - 200 Miles to Nashville - novelette by Christopher L. Smith
  • 253 - Best Laid Plans - novelette by Eric S. Brown and Jason Cordova
  • 267 - The Meaning of Freedom - short story by John Ringo
  • 281 - Afterword (Black Tide Rising) - essay by John Ringo

Voices of the Fall

Black Tide Rising Anthology: Book 2

Gary Poole
John Ringo


  • ix - Foreword (Voices of the Fall) - essay by Gary Poole
  • 1 - Starry, Starry Night - short story by John Ringo
  • 11 - Spectrum - novelette by Mike Massa
  • 37 - Storming the Tower of Babel - short story by Sarah A. Hoyt
  • 61 - Return to Mayberry - novelette by Rob Hampson
  • 93 - It Just Might Matter in the End - novelette by Travis S. Taylor
  • 121 - Inhale to the King, Baby! - short story by Michael Z. Williamson
  • 137 - Ham Sandwich - novelette by Jody Lynn Nye
  • 163 - The Downeasters - novelette by Brendan DuBois
  • 197 - The Species As Big As the Ritz - novelette by Robert Buettner
  • 225 - The Cat Hunters - novelette by Dave Freer
  • 255 - Alpha Gamers - short story by Griffin Barber
  • 269 - True Faith and Allegiance - novelette by Michael Gants
  • 299 - The Killer Awoke - short story by John Birmingham
  • 317 - About the Authors (Voices of the Fall) - essay by uncredited

We Shall Rise

Black Tide Rising Anthology: Book 3

Gary Poole
John Ringo


  • ix - Foreword (We Shall Rise) - essay by Gary Poole
  • 1 - Social Distance - novelette by Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta
  • 37 - Liberation Day - short story by Brendan DuBois
  • 53 - Appalachia Rex - short story by Jason Cordova
  • 79 - Maligator Country - novelette by Lydia Sherrer
  • 117 - Fire in the Sky - short story by Stephanie Osborn and Michael Z. Williamson
  • 139 - Just Like Home - short story by Jody Lynn Nye
  • 163 - Chase the Sunset - short story by Jamie Ibson
  • 187 - Descent into the Underworld - short story by Brian Trent
  • 215 - A Thing or Two - short story by Kacey Ezell
  • 233 - Ex Fide Absurdo - short story by Brent Roeder and Christopher L. Smith
  • 261 - The Best Part of Waking Up - short story by Mike Massa
  • 288 - About the Editors and Authors - essay by uncredited

United We Stand

Black Tide Rising Anthology: Book 4

Gary Poole
John Ringo

The world was brought to its knees by the zombie virus. But humanity has risen from the ashes and has begun to rebuild. Courageous men and women have kindled a fire of hope in the darkness. But mere survival is not enough.

The real challenge is how to keep that future alive. How to not just survive, not just rebuild, but actually thrive. To tell the universe that mankind can take whatever nature throws against us and not back down.

To stand united.

Stories by John Birmingham, Jody Lynn Nye, Jamie Ibson, Sarah A. Hoyt, Brian Trent, Dave Freer, Griffin Barber, Lydia Sherrer, Mel Todd, Christopher L. Smith, and Mike Massa.