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The White Hart

Book of the Isle: Book 1

Nancy Springer

Welcome to Isle, a land of fantasy that existed long before there were such things. Surrounded by vast oceans and dotted with thick forests, Isle was a land in which all beings lived together. There were gods and ghosts dwelling with the Old Ones, the wise ancient ancestors. During this period, The Book of Suns began its life, though little was known about its contents. The mighty marriage between Sun and Moon begins an adventure never seen before.

The Silver Sun

Book of the Isle: Book 2

Nancy Springer

In the Kingdom of Isle, where the Sun Kings reign with the power of the Book of the Suns, Hal and Alan are given a mission. They must use the ancient strength of wisdom to destroy the evil that plagues the kingdom. The two blood brothers venture throughout the land fighting the many forms that this evil takes so they can arrive at their destiny.

The Sable Moon

Book of the Isle: Book 3

Nancy Springer

Crown Prince Trevyn completes a quest during which he is enslaved and freed, studies to become a sorcerer, visits the land of elves, and returns home to save his kingdom.

The Black Beast

Book of the Isle: Book 4

Nancy Springer

Frain and Tirell, princes of Melior, ventured together into mysterious regions of Vale in search of an army and the hope of victory. For his father's murder of the gentle, beautiful Mylitta, Tirell's spirit ached with a black hatred. And nothing, not Frain the healer, not a beautiful virgin goddess, not his plundering sword could soothe the prince's raging pain -- until all gentleness itself had been laid to waste!

This is an epic odyssey to the far reaches of passion, the wilds of love, loyalty and war. This is the story of two princes, and a woman -- and the dark presence that would haunt them all.

The Golden Swan

Book of the Isle: Book 5

Nancy Springer

Young Dair, changeling son to King Trevyn of Isle, is called by a mysterious vision to share his destiny with a strange wandering youth known as Frain. But when the gentle, wolf-human Dair finds his bond brother, the curse of a dark enchantment and the search for a lost love has claimed Frain's injured heart. Now Dair must journey with him, for only together would they unveil the prophecy and know the peace hidden with their web of fate.