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The Unlikely Heroines of Callisto Station

Marie Vibbert

This novella was first published in Analog Science Fiction & Fact, July/August 2021.

Read the full story for free at Analog.

Jandar of Callisto

Callisto: Book 1

Lin Carter

Jandar the alien enslaved on Callisto, moon of Jupiter, a world of black and crimson jungles where the hand of every man is lifted in eternal enmity against every other... a savage, hostile world on which he is first held prisoner by the fearsome insect-men, only to be freed for a more binding slavery in the deadly clutches of the insidious Sky Pirates... and in the incalculable aura of the beautiful princess Darloona who elicits love almost beyond the limits of his mortal soul...

Black Legion of Callisto

Callisto: Book 2

Lin Carter

Jandar the alien tortured by his love for the magnificent Princess Darloona in the savage and primitive world of Thanator, devises an incredible plan to infiltrate the ranks of the barbaric and merciless Black Legion who hold both the city of Shondakor and the Princess - in their relentless power.

It is a plan of inconceivable daring, fraught with dangers unthinkable by the human mind... and when the gates of the city lock behind him, Jandar realizes that death might be their only way out...

Sky Pirates of Callisto

Callisto: Book 3

Lin Carter

Jandar the alien saveged by the fears of his mortal soul for the safety of the beautiful princess Darloona, resorts to a desperate plan to free her from the clutches of the insidious Sky Pirates of Callisto. But fate and treachery alter his course, flinging him to the fearsome red Perushtarians... abandoning him in the loathsome slave-pens of Narouk... leaving him helpless and alone to fight for his destiny in a barbaric arena of death...

Mad Empress of Callisto

Callisto: Book 4

Lin Carter

The fourth fantasy in the saga of Jandar of Callisto, a human stranded on an impossible world, facing a thousand deadly foes!

Mind Wizards of Callisto

Callisto: Book 5

Lin Carter

Jandar leading an armada of four airships in search of the Mind Wizards of Callisto. Purveyors of cruelty and far off control.

Lankar of Callisto

Callisto: Book 6

Lin Carter

JANDAR THE ALIEN LOST the mysterious and treacherous domain of the insidious Mind Wizards. Searching for him is a fearless armada of his loyal friends, and a stranger who knows him better than anyone on Callisto. The stranger, Lankar, is none other than Lin Carter, accidentally transported through the Gate Between the Worlds to the land of the Thanatorians.

Aware of Jandar's plight, Lankar joins the search beyond the world's edge and suddenly finds himself battling for his own existence against the most nightmarish creatures on the planet - the gruesome flesh robots of Kuur and the fiendish Mind Wizards of Callisto themselves...

Ylana of Callisto

Callisto: Book 7

Lin Carter

Hurled from Earth through the depths of space by a force beyond human comprehension, Jonathan Dark is forced to pit his strength and wits against the terrors of savage jungles and plains on the Jovian moon, Callisto. As JANDAR, he must fight cunning wizards and grotesque beasts of prey, to survive on this savage planet and someday find a way home.

In the merciless clutches of Zhu Kor, last of the legendary Mind Wizards of Callisto, the beautiful raven-haired jungle maiden is spirited away upon a hideous winged ghastozar. Captives of a vicious tribe that worships the evil Zhu Kor as a god, while their jungle stronghold is attacked by a rival tribe, Ylana and Tomar battle savages and predatory monsters alike ... until the Galleon of the Clouds finds them in the very jaws of doom ....

Lin Carter, the Modern Edqar Rice Burroughs, creates a stirring tale of swords-and-sorcery adventure that will thrill you with pulse-pounding action to the very last page!

Renegade of Callisto

Callisto: Book 8

Lin Carter

Far from his adopted home, the Golden City of Shondakor, Koja, self-exiled insectoid of the Yathoon Horde, has blundered into the savage land he had renounced, accompanied only by little Taran, ward of Prince Jandar.

Nightside on Callisto

The Red

Linda Nagata

This stort story in Nagata's The Red series originally appeaared in Lightspeed, May 2012. It can also be found in the anthology The Year's Best Science Fiction: Thirtieth Annual Collection (2013), edited by Gardner Dozois.

Read the full story for free at Lightspteed.