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Steve Perry

Conan the Fearless

Conan Pastiches: Book 17

Steve Perry

Conan of Cimmeria, mightiest hero of the Hyborian Age, finds his journey interrupted in the Corinthian city-state of Mornstadinos. All Conan wants is to travel on, but he finds himself pledged to protect Eldia, a girl-child who controls the Fire Elementals, from the fell designs of Sovartus, evil Mage of the Black Square. Through a maze of sorcerous intrigue and deadly treachery the Cimmerian pads, and around him the hunters gather.

Djuvula, half-demon witch, who will watch Conan die for a thousand years. Lemparius, high in the councils of the city, who stalks the night in the guise of a huge panther. Loganaro, thief, spy, murderer: his only god is gold, and at that altar he would sacrifice the world. In the heart of the maze they will fight the final battle, when the fate of the gods themselves stands or falls with the one called Conan the Fearless.

Conan the Defiant

Conan Pastiches: Book 20

Steve Perry

Before avenging a friend's death, the youthful Conan must battle undead warriors and Men With No Eyes--two formidable factions seeking the Source of Light, a talisman that can make Neg the Malefic unconquerable or destroy him forever.

Conan the Indomitable

Conan Pastiches: Book 25

Steve Perry

In a buried land of huge, blind carnivorous apes, deadly ten-foot Cyclops and monstrous flesh-eating worms, Conan seeks only to stay alive long enough to find his way out of this dark underground world of caverns and buried seas.

Conan the Freelance

Conan Pastiches: Book 29

Steve Perry

Fate tosses the dice for Conan of Cimmeria, and they come up...death. Dimma, the Mist Mage, knows nothing of the muscular Cimmerian, but the vile necromancer's plans require his death. Thayla, beautiful Queen of the Pili, would rather take Conan to her bed, but her own plots mean he must die. The sorcerous changeling Kleg wasn't only to do his master's bidding, but Conan stands in his way. Even the lovely Cheen will let nothing stop her from recovering the sacred Talisman of her people.

The game is deadly, the stakes are life, but whatever the risks, Conan of Cimmeria will play until the final toss.

Conan the Formidable

Conan Pastiches: Book 30

Steve Perry

A chance meeting with giants. A brush with the murderous Varg. A run-in with a treacherous hedge-wizard, complete with socery-twisted henchmen. Conan thought he was just passing through on his way to the wicked delights of fabled Shadizar, but others have different plans, some of which might leave the young Cimmerian dead. He really did not need to attract the attentions of two women at once, and neither of them entirely human. This time he may not survive.

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