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Leonard Carpenter

Conan the Renegade

Conan Pastiches: Book 18

Leonard Carpenter

Conan joins a mercenary band working for Prince Ivor who seeks to usurp his Uncle Strabonus. When Ivor unexpectedly reconciles with his uncle, he determines to kill the mercenaries rather than pay them.

Conan the Raider

Conan Pastiches: Book 19

Leonard Carpenter

In the ancient land of Shem, Conan joins with tomb-robbers to loot the untold wealth piled up in the huge royal mausoleum, yet so simple a decision enmeshes the mighty Cimmerian in intrigues and danger on every side.

Conan the Warlord

Conan Pastiches: Book 23

Leonard Carpenter

In the ancient land of Nemedia, Conan of Cimmeria agrees to impersonate Baron Eihnarson's son and heir in order to escape a foul prison cell--at least until he can escape completely, with a pouch full of gold. Calissa, the Baron's sensuous daughter, has other plans for Conan, as does Evadne, the voluptuous rebel maiden. Palace intrigues swirl--poison in the cup and the assassin's dagger in the dark--and Conan must lead the army of Diander against the Cult of the Snake, the demon which burns and slays all whom it does not concert to half-serpent slaves of an ancient evil. In mouldering tombs the dead Lords of Einharson stir, and rise to strike down any who would threaten their line.

Conan the Hero

Conan Pastiches: Book 26

Leonard Carpenter

In the steaming jungles of Venji, Conan of Cimmeria fights in a war seemingly without end, a war against drug-crazed raiders who strike without warning and vanish like smoke, a war against the implacable wizard, Mojourna. Yet his enemies are not only those he can see.

The intrigues of the powerful court eunuchs reach south from Imperial Aghrapur, and the plottings of generals who would sit on the throne, and even the conjurings of his own mind, will be turned against him.

Only one man could survive. Only one man could triumph. Only Conan the Hero.

Conan the Great

Conan Pastiches: Book 28

Leonard Carpenter

Conan of Cimmeria, who swaggered into the civilized lands as a youthful warrior with a strong sword and arm, has now used that sword to take a kingdom. He is King Conan of Aquilonia, but armies--led by a bloodthirsty, long-forgotten god--march to pull him down.

Conan the Outcast

Conan Pastiches: Book 33

Leonard Carpenter

The ancient hierarchs of the desert city of Qjara did not want the young man called Conan of Cimmeria inside their walls with his strange, northland ways.He did not even worship the One True Goddess. yet some would ensnare him in the city's intrigues: the beautiful Princess Afrianda, with powers she does not fully understand herself, and Zaius, foremost swordsman of the Temple warriors. Their paths are like nothing Conan has seen before, following labyrinthine trails he cannot imagine, thrusting him toward banishment or death. And in the dying city of Sark, the soulless High Priest Khumanos wields the legendary Sword of Onothimantos and schemes for the return of ancient gods.

Qjara does not want Conan, but only one man can prevent the sacrifice of the city to the Tree of Mouths. Only one-- Conan the Outcast.

Conan the Savage

Conan Pastiches: Book 35

Leonard Carpenter

After a gambling dispute erupts into violence and death, Conan of Cimmeria is condemned to the hellish mine pits of Brythunia where no man has ever escaped--or survived. But Conan breaks free and disappears into the wilderness, far from civilization, and into the eager arms of Songa, a forest maiden. Still the demon-goddess Ninga has seized control of Brythunia and her insatiable appetite for human sacrifice threatens to devour the world. Only one man can strike at the very heart of Ninga's religion of blood. A man who carries death in his eyes.

Conan of the Red Brotherhood

Conan Pastiches: Book 37

Leonard Carpenter

Sailing under the grim skull-jack flag of the Red Brotherhood, Conan is the most feared pirate to prowl the Vilayet Sea, claiming as hi booty even Philiope, the beautiful black-haired daughter of a powerful nobleman. But in the domed imperial palace of Aghrapur, the decadent Emperor Yildiz and his corrupt allies plot the destruction of the powerful barbarian the know only as Amra the Lion.

As Conan carves a pirate empire with cutlass and dagger, the Turanian navy takes to the seas, aided by hellish sorcery of the darkest sort. Mighty ships manned by undead zombies, and a titanic monster summoned from the nether depths, are pitted against the deadly sword of one man... Conan of the Red Brotherhood.

Conan, Scourge of the Bloody Coast

Conan Pastiches: Book 42

Leonard Carpenter

Conan, hailed and feared as chief of the pirate brotherhood, has built an island kingdom on the stormy waters of the Vilayet. He plays off one mainland empire against another amid the stirrings of a sorcerous war that will set the sea aboil with blood. The lure of ancient treasure draws Conan into a trap woven by the arch-wizard Croyalus.

Conan the Gladiator

Conan Pastiches: Book 44

Leonard Carpenter

When Conan puts Roganthus the Strongman out of commission in a street brawl he soon finds himself drawn in by the slender Sathilda and her pet panther as part of a travelling troupe. What starts as an innocent pastime turns into a deadly game when the circus is called to the Arena of the Stygian capital of Luxor. There they are forced to fight for their lives against exotic warriors and all manner of wild beasts. no one has yet survived the whims of the tyrannical Emperor Commodorus.

And then there are the foul sorceries of the black-robed priests of the snake-god Set...

Conan, Lord of the Black River

Conan Pastiches: Book 49

Leonard Carpenter

When Queen Rufia entreats the Cinnerian to save her city from the undead with Zeriti's spell, the mighty warrior must strive to overcome his dread of the supernatural. For to undo the hex he must journey through the nightmare world of the dead. There lies the Silver Lotus, the only antidote tothe nefarious incantation. But thee also dwells the witch's bloodthirsty lover, who Conan must defeat should he wish to return to the world of the living.

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